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The event calendar shows upcoming club events. Select a view then use the navigation buttons to move between dates. Click on the event to view more information, including the event description, times, location, fees and any rules regarding attendance; you can also register for events from this screen. Click on the magnifying glass on the toolbar to see search and filter options.

July, 2021

The Charleston Dog Training Club
8:00 PM
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Come practice on a course set up for Levels Advanced - Masters.
Charleston Dog Training Center
9:00 AM
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Come work among others who want to practice and proof their dogs basic obedient skills in a fun active environment with many distractions. Each class you will be working on the following skills.
1. Walking in heal position with sits, downs, & change of directions
2. Stays
3. Standing for exams
4. Coming when called
5. Accepting a friendly stranger

This is a drop in class, but registration with payment is required. Classes will be limited to 8 teams.

Dogs should know the basic skills, but just need a place to practice with distractions and receive helpful critique.

Charleston Dog Training Center
10:00 AM
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Get your AKC titles today. Evaluators will be on hand to do testing for you and your dog to earn a multiple of titles.
$10 for testing. If you were in our CGC class there is no charge for your first test.
Charleston Dog Training CLub
1:00 PM
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Improve your current skills or learn to handle your dog for the breed ring.

August, 2021

Charleston Dog Training Center as well as some off campus training
1:00 PM
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This class is designed to prepare handlers and their dogs for visits to
institutions, facilities, and any other place where Therapy Dogs are needed.
The primary objective of the Therapy Dog is to provide comfort and
companionship in a way that promotes healing and improves the quality of
life for the people being visited and the staff who care for these people.
So what’s the difference between Therapy Dogs vs. Emotional Support
Animals? First, a Therapy Dog can help multiple people, sometimes even at
the same time! An emotional support animal (as well as a Service Dog), is
dedicated to helping one person all of the time. Another important difference
between therapy dogs and ESA’s is how the law recognizes them. ESA owners
get special protections that allow them to have their animals on airplanes
and in rental units; these laws do not cover therapy dogs. Therapy dogs may
only go into facilities where they are invited.
If your dog is at least one-year-old and has some basic training (sit, stay,
come, walk on a loose leash at least most of the time), this may be the class
for you! We can teach you to work as a team with your dog. A Therapy Dog
must have an outstanding temperament. This means that the dog should be
outgoing and friendly to all people, tolerant of other dogs and non-aggressive
toward other pets.
If your dog has these qualities and you are interested in getting started,
please register for this class. Our ultimate goal is to create teams to visit
facilities together. It’s a great way to build a strong relationship with your
dog, meet like-minded people and help address a real need in our