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Classes Offered By Charleston Dog Training Club

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For Puppies 10 months and younger                  For dogs older than 10 months                                       

To register for a class:
Click on the Event Calendar on the Task Bar at the top of the screen.
Click on the month the class starts(top right corner of calendar).
Click on the class you want.
Click on the "Register Now" button.
Fill in your information and follow the prompts. 
If you have previously taken a class, go ahead and fill in your information. The link above the field for your first is not working yet.


Class size and availability vary based on instructor availability and class interest. Email us with any questions!


Behavior Based Classes

The following classes are designed to help work through the most common basic behavior problems and help create a well rounded dog and human team who both understand each other's needs and creates life skills for the team to carry through in their lives.


The flow of these classes was designed to be one of the puppy classes followed by the core skills class followed into the CGC prep class before taking Obedient Dog and moving into whatever area you and your dog want.


A.K.C. S.T.A.R. PUPPY This is the classic A.K.C style puppy class! It consists of 6 classes for all puppies 10 months and younger and covers skills such as loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, come (recall), and socialization. At the end of the class, week 6, you and your puppy will be able to sit for your S.T.A.R Puppy test and help them earn their first certificate through A.K.C. All 6 classes are required in order to take the test. This class is taught by an A.K.C Evaluator.


C.D.T.C. S.T.A.R PUPPY Building on the core of the traditional AKC style puppy class, CDTC Puppy class in a new and modified syllabus containing the same core lessons as the AKC S.T.A.R Puppy class with a shifted focus to lifestyle skills and handler/dog relationships for puppies 10 months and younger. Teach your puppy how to calm on command, sit, down, stay, come (recall), different types of play and how to train with it, as well as socialization. All 6 classes are required to be attended in order to take the test on week 6 where you can help your puppy earn their first title through AKC. This class is taught by an AKC Evaluator.


CGC PREP CLASS Through a 6 week course you will review and practice the required skills to pass your AKC Canine Good Citizen test! You will cover accepting greetings from a friendly stranger, sit stays, down stays, come when called (recall), supervised separation, loose leash walking and more! After the 6 weeks ends, we offer the test to graduates of the class for free. 


C.G.C. Advanced/Urban/Community Canine Offered seasonally, these are advanced C.G.C title classes, building on the skills your dog mastered for their C.G.C. The first class is taught at the CDTC facility and the rest are taught in downtown Summerville so you and your dog can work in and around the community. Class descriptions will be individual based on what is being offered at the time-please see the calendar for what is being offered and a description of what you will learn there.


CORE SKILLS FOR HANDLERS & DOGS/BASIC TRAINING Previously known as “Basic Training”, this class is anything but basic! This class covers some core skills you and your dog should have to create a healthy relationship! Starting with discovering what your dog does-and doesn't!-like, we move into various topics such as generalization, confidence building, loose leash walking, impulse control, play, socialization, and answering questions about your unwanted behaviors. This class is for ALL levels of dog trainer-from beginner to expert, we all have something to learn and take away from this class. 


Sport Skills Classes

The following classes are a mix of introductory skills classes as well as novice/sport level classes. It is recommended that anyone interested in the sports classes take either the Basic Training or CGC Prep Class. Sport Skills classes are also recommended before taking Novice Sports classes


AGILITY-SKILLS This is a 6 week introductory course of Agility Skills. Working both as a team and independently, you and your dog will create a foundation of skills like stay, targeting, going around objects and over objects. You will also get to help build confidence and physical strength in your dog by using objects like the wobble board. By the end of the 6 weeks, you and your dog will get to run through a fun course, including going around an object, going around 2 objects, making the jump, and going through the tunnel. This is a fun, fast paced class for you and your dog!


OBEDIENCE - NOVICE SPORT This 6 week class is designed to help you and your dog master the skills required for a Novice Obedience title! Dogs will learn a heel (on and off leash), a figure 8, sit and stand for exam, recalls (with and without finish), sit and down stays with distance and distraction. It is HIGHLY recommended but not required that you have taken the Rally/obs/fs skills course AND/OR be working in the Obedient Dog Class.


PUPPY PART 2 This is a 6 week class IMMEDIATELY following the CDTC S.T.A.R Puppy Class. Any graduate of a S.T.A.R Puppy class is welcome to take this class! It is a fun 6 week course that introduces you to various dog sports including agility, scent work, tricks, treiball, and obedience. These classes are FUN and designed to help you and your puppy grow in confidence and relationship. 


RALLY/OBS/FS-SKILLS This is a 6 week class open to everyone that helps prepare you and your dog to take the Rally-Novice, Obedience Novice, or Freestyle class. Throughout the 6 weeks you will learn the core commands and positions necessary to take the next Rally class. Have a blast working your dog through hind end awareness, heeling patterns, front positioning, and seeing how they deal with various pressures such as environmental, people, and dogs. This class is a great way to build up relationship and communication between dog and handler.


RALLY-NOVICE This 6 week class takes you through all the signs required to earn the first leg of your Rally Novice Title! Each week you will learn and practice the required signs building up to week 6 when you do a run of a qualifying Rally Course! Core skills include Heeling, Front Positions, a right sided command (such as close), various turns (left, right, about), stay and various finishing positions.  A.K.C is now accepting video submissions and you can use this course to submit for your first run for review by A.K.C judges. It is recommended but not required that you take the RALLY-SKILLS class before entering this course. 


SCENT-SKILLS In this 6 week class you and your dog will together build what is called HUNT DRIVE, or the dogs ability to search for something. Together, you help build up the game of search and develop skills that can lead you in multiple directions-even onto your Scent Sports class! This class is designed to be a fun game for you and your dog and helps your dog build confidence and skill in working away from you.


SCENT-NOVICE This 6 week class is designed to help you and your dog prepare to attend your first scent work trial! It is highly recommended that you have taken the scent skills class before entering this one. Maintenance of your own scent kit is required at this level to include birch scent in a container and disposable gloves. Birch scent is often a cotton swab with the stem cut off with 2 drops of Birch essential oil applied. 


TREIBBALL/HERDING This 6 week class is for all levels of dog/handler teams and is a fun game of “push ball”! It includes your dog ‘herding’ balls into a goal and is a blast for your dog. Dogs will learn how to push the ball, go counterclockwise and clockwise around objects, target objects with their nose, going to objects, and sits/downs at a distance. At great class to have fun and practice obedience!


Drop-In Classes

These classes are offered intermittently based on instructor variability.


CONFORMATION This drop in class is for those who are interested in competing in conformation with their dogs. Content varies but includes skills and knowledge to improve both your confidence and your dog's confidence in the ring as well as allowing you to practice and improve your skills. This will help you create that “competition picture” by allowing you to practice in the ring.


DART TRAINING DART training helps you and your dog work through pressure in competitive indoor dog sports. Covering environmental pressure, equipment pressure, and pressure from people, you will break down each of these things and help your dog work through this.


OBEDIENT DOG This weekly class is a drop in style that helps handlers and dogs perfect their various obedience skills. It is recommended to take this AFTER you have completed the Puppy-Basic-CGC class flow. Skills should be known for best results. This class will cover heeling, position changes, turns/change of direction, greeting a stranger, standing for exams, and recalls. This class is designed to help your dog master their obedience with distractions!


RALLY - ADVANCED/MASTERS This drop in style class is designed to help teach you ways to minimize point loss in the arena. Kim has a great knowledge of what judges are looking for and can help you and your dog reach your goals!


SOCIALIZATION & ENRICHMENT DAYS Offered bi-weekly, these classes offer CONTROLLED socialization, exposure, and enrichment for you and your dog. Each day varies but what is guaranteed is opportunities to work your dog or puppy in a safe and controlled environment through different sensory, physical, environmental and cognitive activities and games to increase their confidence. To drop into this event, you MUST have completed a S.T.A.R Puppy OR Basic Training class OR be actively registered and participating in one. A waiver is required to be signed at the event. 

Want more classes? Shoot us an email about what you would like to see next!